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Service Contract Terms And Pricing For Smaller Integrator

I am a small integrator that is in the process of growing and now have a need for solid service plan to offer my clients. I have been working on a T&M basis (post warranty) and used this a 'peace of mind' pitch that I'm not trying to lock customers into long term aggreement. Last year was a very big year for me and included a couple local chains and work at the local airport.

With the warranties running out, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on:

  • Where to find a good service plan that wont leave me open to too many loopholes??
  • How to price these plans?? Per piece of hardware (camera and servers)?? Specific $$ amounts to charge??
  • Any pitfalls I should look out for to protect both myself and the customer??

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

thank you kindly,


Alon, we have a service / maintenance contracts guide that might help plus survey results on how end users purchase maintenance. Take a look at that and then let us know how we can expand.