New POE Switch Not Seeing Cameras

We recently put in a new managed PoE switch in our office with our cameras used for demonstration purposes connected. For whatever reason one Ganz IP camera appears but all 6 of the connected Illustra IP cameras are no longer discoverable.

I do not have all the details on the brand of switch or the specifications but I thought maybe someone here might offer up a suggestion; something we might try that we have not already done.


Just for clarity, are the Illustra cameras powered, but just not discoverable on the network?

Or are they not getting power at all?

Maybe a (improper) VLAN has been setup on the switch?

Reset the switch to defaults, if you don't have any config that needs saving.

It probably has something to do with the POE Class at which the cmaeras may or may not default to. Do the cameras have software selectable POE Class? If so, go back to the original POE switch and then software select POE Class 3 and then plug them into new switch. The new switch may not recognize the cameras due to them not responding with proper power requirements.

Or determine what the POE class is of the cameras and set your new switch ports to that POE class. Probably your cameras are at Class 2 POE and your switch is at Class 3.

Just a thought.

Considering that it's managed, have you logged in to the web UI to see if there are any telling stats there?

What happens if you plug each camera in individually? Presumably using the port the Ganz camera is on since we know that port appears to work.

Does the switch provide full POE 15w power on each port?

if its a managed switch the ports may be disabled. Also see when u connect the camera to the switch whether the LED on the port are blinking or not.

Open the NVR settings and try to register the cameras with their ID & Password

thanks...all good now. was a bad switch.

Cool. Points for everyone!