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New Hikvision Colorvu Models (November 2020)

I noticed today that ADI had some new products under Hikvision and I was pretty surprised to see what they were. Just looking to see if anyone has more details on them.

DS-2DE3A400BW-DE - 4MP ColorVu pan and tilt (no optical zoom), looks a lot like an Axis PTZ. Claims to have "deep learning" algorithm in the summary but the list of smart features doesn't say anything about it. Says it has "face tracking" but not smart tracking? Unknown if you have to use the built-in mount or if it can be used with pendant caps, ceiling mounted, etc. Has built-in audio and can use it for alarm as well as flashing white light.

DS-2CD2147G2-SU - 4MP ColorVu dome camera without white light. An impressive 130dB WDR compared with Hik's usual 120dB in this product range. Built-in mic. Also claims accurate human/vehicle detection, so are they using AcuSense analytics in these now?

And here's the real interesting one.

DS-2CD2087G2-L - 4K (8MP @ 20 fps) ColorVu bullet. Optional mic with the -u suffix. Again, "deep learning" blurb, 130 dB WDR. Very interested to see the performance of this.

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