New Glasses Block Facial Recognition...

For all those who have enjoyed the anonymity of the URME mask, but tire of the unchanging fashion statement, there is hope in these stylish new privacy glasses from Japan:

From Popular Science:

Two previous prototype made by NIII used either near-infrared light or reflectors to fool the cameras into not seeing a face, but they looked super dorky. The new glasses seem to no longer have that problem, resembling the kind of wrap-around sunglasses favored by everyone from security contractors to extreme sporting enthusiasts. Instead of the electrically powered near-infrared lights of the earlier visors, these glasses use an unspecified novel material to absorb and reflect light, as well as angles and patterns on its lenses. Tests with smartphone cameras showed that the glasses fooled facial recognition 90 percent of the time.

Unsheilded faces alone fool recognition 80 percent of the time*, so that's a big jump!


This is so impractical, it's embarassing it has gotten so much press.

I guess compared to their old powered glasses these are considered an improvement.

You embedded the LED version video above.

I do agree, not having to power IR LEDs around your nose is an improvement...

I see lawsuit coming. Anyone remember the move "The Jerk"? lol

**sigh I based this on the video embedded. New ones not so much but still.

I see no Opti-Grab technology present here... :)