New Feature: Searching Test Reports

With 239 tests and counting, it can be hard to scan through all of our test reports. To help find what you are looking for, we have added in 2 search features.

The first one is on the test directory, where we embedded a filter. It looks like:

The second one is on our advanced search options, where you can now select tests only (in addition to articles or discussions only), like so:

Hope you find this useful.

Hat tip to Meghan, who suggested it this morning!

That's sounds like a helpful filter!

Since you brought up search, is it just me or does search always return no more than just over one page of results?

Good eye!

We'll change that. We are limiting results to 30 but I don't see a reason why that constraint should be kept.

btw, you might be interested, we use Swiftype and their API for our custom searching.

We've increased max results to 120 per search.

Thx! For me its "glitching" when I choose page 2 - 4, its says results not found. Maybe it has returned all the results on the first page and just showing links for 2-4 by mistake.

Search: imager size (go figure!)