Preview: Images Added To Camera Finder

This new feature in the Camera Finder makes it easier for you to see what cameras look like and to compare their appearance / size.

Results now show a thumbnail next to the model name, like so:

This will help you reject or select certain styles / sizes you prefer.

Also, on the camera detail page, we now include an image of the camera up top, like so:

A few notes:

  • Most, but not all, cameras have images already, the rest will be uploaded in the next week.
  • There may be some display bugs. If you see any, let us know.
  • If you want any other ideas on incorporating images, let us know.

Upcoming next month, we will add tracking / filtering by the dimensions and weight of cameras, which should enable an unprecedented precision in finding the truly smallest cameras.

John I love this tool. It makes it easy for me to assist my clients when they ask for grainular details on differences between models and manufacturers. Keep up the great work!

Just noticed an (undocumented?) feature of the finder, clicking on price goes to product listings from Google Shopping!

Scaling back an earlier suggestion, with the thumbnail and price link in place, why not just append a multi-merchant affiliate tag, to capture whatever commission revenue comes does come thru?

Then use the money for the oft-requested but cost-prohibitive trade show meetups. It might not be enough to bring Chumlee, but it should cover a decent bar tab. Drinks on Amazon. :)

Update: we've added in the rest of the images. There may be 10 or 20 models without images but we're now covering 98% of models in the Finder.

"Online shop coming soon. =P"

Lol, no, that's not us!

Great feature!

Online shop coming soon. =P