New Feature: Autotagging - Better Organizing IPVM's 5000+ Items For You

IPVM has a vast amount of information - ~5,000 pieces of content - nearly 3,000 reviews and 2,000 discussions.

We've improved how its organized with a new feature called autotagging. It will let you easily find related content on 130+ companies and 50+ categories, like 262 items on access control, or 249 on Avigilon, or 156 on ONVIF, or (gulp) 663 on Axis.

You can pick from these listings on the right hand side of each page. It looks like so:

We have taken a list of common terms and company names, automatically scanning all of our content. If those terms or companies are prominently discussed in the article or discussion, we automatically tag the item appropriately. This way, you can be sure that our content is cataloged for your convenience.

Prior to this, we did it manually and articles were limited to a single selection. Now, not only is it more flexible, it happens without any human involvement.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.