New Feature: Auto References Added To Existing Posts

For every new article, IPVM makes a point of linking to previous related articles. This helps members understand context and learn more.

However, many older IPVM articles and tests are still read (easily 50,000+ reads a month). For those reading older articles, it would be useful to have a list of newer IPVM articles that link to this, because those articles can provide additional insight

We have now added a feature that automatically finds other articles linking to an article, appending a list of those to each article.

For instance, for our 2015 Hikvision iVMS-4200 Tested report, here is the list of newer articles linking to it:

The same approach has been implemented for all 3,800+ IPVM articles. Every day, we automatically update these references so that new articles are cross referenced to existing ones.

We hope this helps you better find relevant information. Any feedback, let us know.