Mandatory Milestone,Canon & Axis Products For Projects?

In the new Canon's Partnership (€8K value) the products for new projects must be "only" Milestone, Canon and Axis = Independent Companies? Open Platform?

Hello! What is the source on this? Is this for project registration discounts?

The source are the Resellers, who remain speechless for the proposal Canon. Not a discount to the project, but a contract of partnership by Canon to Resellers with their use in new projects with only Milestone, Canon & Axis products.

1, you mention that it it is €8K value. That's like $10,000 USD. Is that correct? If so, it sounds very small. Yes/no?

And for who's new project? You mean when Canon buys surveillance equipment for its own internal use or?

John, it is "almost" correct ... $ 8.923 (Partnership Contract's value), which gives already some Canon cameras and their promises to give some new project to Reseller Partner. In European Market value even if it is small, seen challenging from Reseller, and is seen bad especially for the armored put into projects that Canon, should take & send to Reseller Partner, only with the Brands of the "Canon's family". So falling values that their vaunted, Independent Companies and Open Platform o not? What do you think?

So you are saying that Canon will only use surveillance products in their own facilities from Canon owned companies, yes?

Even if so, it's not a big market impact, right? Canon, as a buyer / user of surveillance products, is only a tiny portion of the market.