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Network Camera With Analog Output

I am in need of a camera that has both SD storage and an analog output for live view on a monitor.

I'm considering either the Dahua HF3101 or the Vivotek IP8151.

Question: is the BNC output a true option for live view, or is it for "adjustments" while installing? I want to be sure I'm getting what I want. Many of the cameras I looked at had BNC outputs with language that implied they were for install purposes only.

Thanks, John, for all IPVM does,


The BNC outputs on network cameras do not typically give you the highest quality image the camera is capable of. Lower resolution, bad color fidelity, and random lines rolling across the scene are fairly common flaws.

I've always heard they are not for 'continuous duty' use (looping out to a DVR or Public View Monitor) but never tried it. However, I've installed several cameras in the past where the BNC port was not working (DOA) while the rest of the camera worked as expected.

Is this for a public view monitor? Have you considered a decoder instead?

Dahua has the DH-NVS0104DH and Vivotek has the RX7101. This is a very simple solution that does not afect the performance of the outgoing IP camera

I know that most Panasonic and Samsung cameras have an analog output. Current models IP performance is not effected by analog output. Samsung cameras the analog output can be enabled/disabled in the setup menu.

In my experience, stating that the analog output is for installation is due to the lack (due to cost) of proper protection circuity on the analog side that would normally be in place for a standard analog device. My recommendation is to put an in-line surge supression device on the BNC line, just in case.

That being said, I have connected analog monitors/DVRs/encoders up to the analog output on both of these brands with no problem. One thing to remember is that if the camera has a 16:9 imager, the analog output may be cropped or have black bars and not fill the screen. As Brian mentioned, the quality won't be great, as you will typically have a megapixel camera and you are displaying NTSC 704x480 resolution.

There are a variety of monitors that have a built in camera and automatically displays the internal camera, while streaming it out to your NVR/VMS.

Good info. Thanks.

The camera will be looking at a machine, where the image will be monitored by the operator at a different location.

As mentioned above, I personally would recommend a network decoder to get full resolution with the simplicity of a monitor (no PC), but that raises the cost.

Aaron is correct, this solution would be more expensive but still reasonable. An IP camera and a 1-output decoder is not much more than an IP camera with a built-in analog output.

on the monitor side of things, you can use an inexpensive 720p or 1080p monitor with an HDMI input. That might be cheaper than an analog monitor with a BNC input. So all in all, the prices in either case should be similar