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Netvision Licenses

I was asked how to renew license for netvision but I must admit I know very little about them. Does anyone know how a business would renew a netvision license? This business has about 5 cameras and the original installer has gone out of business. Not sure when it was installed but perhaps 5 years or so ago... guessing from what I remember the cameras look like.

Any help would be appreciated.

Who makes Netvision? Do you know their website? It's a pretty generic name and a Google search did not return a clear match. Let me know if you can clarify that and we can help further.

Unfortunately all I was told is that the hardware (pc?) says Netvision Technology. It looks like its chinese but not finding anything on licensing.

That helps.

It looks like is the company.

Why do you 'renew' the license? Usually DVRs don't 'renew' licenses? And if it is 5 years old, and if you are not going to get any support from the manufacturer, it is better to simply get new hardware.

I am not really sure. Thats what this business seems to think, unfortunately I have not had a chance to get over to them but plan to this week. I am hoping to have an answer for them. Thanks for the link, I had already visited the site but found no solid information or who to call here in the US.

Do you know if the DVR has failed? Noticed this in the user forum, maybe the renew thing comes from some strangely worded error message like below.

Then again, maybe the original installer is the only one authorized to 'renew licenses', if you know what I mean...

Good to know... I'm swinging by there tomorrow so I'll find out. Thanks again all.