Need Recommendations For Solar Off Grid Camera/Solution

This is for a personal project I am working on for an organization in my community, and nothing to do with the manufacturer I work for.

I am looking for a way to get a camera powered and networked, possibly off the grid. I would like to use an IP camera that I already have on hand - IP66 outdoor dome or bullet camera, but I need to provide power to the camera. The camera will be mounted on a pole, and needs to look at a specific area. I can't touch the utilities, so I need solar, but need something pretty compact. I am going to see if I can find a camera with lower PoE requirement than 15.4w to lessen the load on the solar, but I should be good on that side. If need be, are there any all in one, ready to go, turnkey camera systems that have 4g, etc.

As for networking, I can either use a 3g/4g solution, if anyone has recommendations. The camera will only be really utilized for a few minutes each week to check conditions. Thus, I don't need great bandwidth, as I need streaming video or even snapshots just for a few minutes. I would simply use the manufacturer or 3rd party mobile app to connect to the camera via DDNS to view the video or write a script to pull a few snapshots on demand.

Any thoughts or leads on a solar system that is easy to setup and use with an existing camera?

Sorry for the undisclosed. This is because this is a personal project...


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