Need A Microphone Recommendation

I have a customer that wants the ability to record conversations with their video. The trick is that the camera is mounted overhead about 15 feet and the room will probably have some background noise. Is there some sort of directional microphone that will work with video surveillance cameras? Thanks in advance for the help.

Hans - We have used a variety of microphones in interview room settings which are typically smallish a key can be pick up placement. Our best results have come when we have the flexibility to place the active pickup element on a wall as opposed to a ceiling tile that helps reduce HVAC noise. We have deployed both Crown PZM-11LL units as well as Lauroe ASK based set ups. We recently completed a PTZ install in a college gym for the athletic department coaching staff. So we needed audio as well. The camera is at least 25' feet above the hardwood floor so we selected a shotgun mic which is highly directional. We have the mic element aimed at the center of the floor area, the results are clear game audio. In the gym project we are using the Bosch camera to encode the audio which we then capture both video and audio streams on a dedicated 3xLogic NVR. Hope this helps.

{Louroe Employee}

What's the size of the area where your customer would like to hear? Are there options on where to mount the mic, wall, tabletop, etc?

You can typically connect a microphone to a camera from much further than 15 feet away so the camera distance shouldn't matter too much assuming cabling won't be an issue. Background noise can also be managed by sensitivity settings on some mics.