Navy Wants GSA Quote For Milestone / Videolarm

We get regular random quote requests from people around the world but this is the first time we've received something from the US Government.

The US Navy is asking for a GSA quote on a 20 channel Milestone Husky NVR and 20 Videolarm PTZs.

I am a little surprised by their shotgun approach here.

Any thoughts / similar experiences?

A "shotgun approach" is a very normal style request from the GSA. If an integrator wants to be a part of the GSA, they better have a specific person who is educated on GSA and handles all GSA things. As a contractor, you really need to be educated if you want to be a part of the Multiple Awards Schedules Program. Not just education, but have a lot of time to work on GSA things and also relationships with other GSA contractors.

If you look at the companys who get the most government awards, their main core of business is with the GSA, hence why you see similar company names on a yearly basis for $ amounts.

This is why you see these 3rd party companies (Contractor/Agents) in the market because they thrive by the ability to navigate through the GSA.

An Integrator with no GSA skill could have a hard time to even know what Schedule's they should be a part of as there are more than 1 schedule for similar types of trade skills/products. Even if an integrator took the GSA classes, it is still a challenge.

Back to your question. A majority of GSA quote requests are shotgun style approaches. If you cannot navigate through the GSA weeds, you will be out of luck with your shot gun style "offer" you sent in.

this is the first time we've received something from the US Government

Did the 'shotgun' quote come by USPO or in an e-mail 'blast'? For your eyes only? :)

Email. They just sent it to our account and it said little else besides a short list of model #s and their contact info.

I am also a little confused about why they can't just get the 'best' price off the online GSA directory?

Possibility one: this is a new purchasing strategy that the US Navy developed with careful thought and planning, and its subtle genius will shortly be the envy of the other service's procurement officers.

Possibility two: some sailor or civilian employee is bad at his or her job.

There must be a S.O.W. then.

There might be but none was sent. It was just a list of item #s and quantity with a request for a quote.

Low-ball it, quote cost, see if you can 'win' it, document all and any incompetence, publish ongoing updates. With any luck, it will be rigged...

Cheap form of membertainment, no?

That would be hilarious. Which PTZs?