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Security Integrators Who Service Nationally Without Subcontractors

Who are the current video surveillance providers that have national coverage, but do not use sub-contractors?

Convergint Technologies is a large national and has in-house installation / service staff. In my experience with national accounts, the integrator typically does not have offices fully aligned with the national client. They will make every attempt to self perform but often times they have to partner with local integrators / subcontractors to fulfill the agreement. Unless the national client is willing to pay for the travel expenses. I've seen both.

Thanks Mike, I was surprised how difficult it was to search for a national in house provider. I thought there would be more. Any idea why there are not more choices for national in house coverage?

There are others for sure but you stipulated ones that do not use subcontractors. I guess if you could clarify that point.

I have to imagine all of them use subcontractors at some point, for some jobs, in some areas. Or else how could they cover the entire nation?

Look at Convergint's office locations, there's quite a number of gaps in the west / Rocky Mountains. They either must use someone else or not be able to service there. Yes/no?

They have a network of “Connect Partners” that have been vetted to partner of certain accounts outside of their immediate reach.

John, do you know how Honeywell or Tyco operate? Do they use subs as well?

Do they use the subs because there is not enough business to sustain a full time office to geographically cover the entire country? I would think multi-location customers might prefer the consitency of in house service. There doesn't seem to be much offering there and I was curious why not?

Opportunity creates more opportunities :) I know when I worked there, they would easily open an office in a location if the opportunity was strategic enough. It doesn’t benefit the integrator to open a full office if they do not believe that specific market can sustain their growth expectations.

Are there any other companies other then Convirgint you know of that have the same coverage geographically? You've been a big help Mike, thanks for the insight.