Name Hardware You Buy That Is A Brick Unless You Keep Paying Them (Except For Meraki / Verkada / Openpath)

With Meraki, Verkada, and Rhombus, you buy hardware (switches, cameras, etc.) that becomes a brick (no functionality at all, no video streaming, etc.) unless you pay them every year.

Serious question - can you name any other hardware that you buy (not lease or rent) that becomes a brick if you stop paying?

I've used the Netflix example before. People would rightfully scream if Netflix required you to buy their monitors that only worked with Netflix.

Take Peloton. Don and I were discussing it this morning. Peloton has similarity to Meraki and Verkada in that Peloton requires you to buy a specialized piece of hardware to use their cloud / SaaS service. But even Peloton does not stop you from pedaling or riding the bike (the equivalent of a camera streaming) as this WireCutter review explains:

Without that monthly membership, the bike’s functionality is seriously limited. The Peloton library, which houses thousands of classes—the company says it produces nearly a thousand original workouts a month across its fitness categories—is reduced to just three 45-minute ones. You also get a basic “ride” mode (sans the scenic vistas) that allows you to pedal and adjust resistance at your own whim. And while you do see real-time stats during your rides, neither the classes nor the free-ride option includes a leaderboard or even your own personal best to compete against, and there’s no way to save a record of your ride beyond snapping a smartphone photo of the screen the moment you complete it. The company does allow a membership freeze of up to three months in your first year if, say, you get injured or pregnant or go on an extended vacation, and you may freeze it for as long as you like after the first year. You just don’t get much from the bike if you do so.

You definitely get less without the Peloton subscription but it does not become a brick. So should Peloton be more like Verkada?

What other hardware do you buy that becomes a brick if you stop paying a subscription?

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