Multiple TVI PTZ Cameras With One Joystick

Hi Guys,

I have a client that is looking to upgrade his old coax system with some new TVI PTZs and was asked the following:

If we were to use multiple PTZ cameras connected to a TVI DVR, could we control them from the same joystick?

I have never installed more than one PTZ camera, so I am not sure what to tell him. Technically, I believe it's possible. Practically, I have never done this. The system would be 5 TVI PTZ cameras connected to a TurboHD DVR.

The size of the warehouse makes an IP retrofit quite costly (converters and IP PTZs combined with the low Canadian dollar), so TVI made the most sense.

Thanks very much.

Shouldn't be a problem, as long as the DVR supports a directly connected USB joystick.

Here's the relevant page from the Hik keyboard joystick manual:

Also will work from iVms 4200.

Agreed- if you are using Hikvision TVI products, I suggest you contact your local Hikvision SE for better local support.

Bob (Hikvision)

Or you could go CVI and use the FLIR product with a joystick that talks to the DVR directly using IP

(Greg) FLIR

Hi Greg,

I sent you an e-mail. I didn't think to try CVI.