Multicast Address Assignment

How can i assign a multicast ip address to a network adapter, is it same as assigning a unicast ip address, i want to do the same on windows platform. Somewhere on the internet i hrd that only windows server OS supports multicast ip assignment, is that true?

I'm not sure I understand your question: Are you trying to set up multicasting on a network? IP addresses are IP addresses, regardless if they are unicast or multicast.

In my experience, the cameras and workstations have unicast IP addresses. In the video stream/profile settings, you assign a multicast IP address. Then, when the VMS/NVR connects, it pulls the multicast stream.

I have never had to configure a multicast address in the NVR/VMS. It always connects via the unicast IP address, but then streams via multicast.

I hope that makes sense....

Are you talking about multicasting to the VMS or from the VMS or both?

I am talking of multicasting from the VMS to the clients.

@Aaron: Do you mean to say I will have to assign only unicast IP addresses to the network adaptors of the recording server and the client workstations? I dont think so.

Correct me if I am wrong.

What VMS are you using?

Its Milestone XProtect Corporate 2014.

Only multicasting to a single segment? What layer 3 switch or router are you using?

Or are you trying to use a Windows machine as a multicasting router?