Most Common Places To Deploy Surveillance Cameras?

We are going to do a reference guide that explains the most common places cameras are used, providing commentary and recommendations on how to best position them (including 'good' and 'bad' example images).

For example, I am thinking:

  • Entrances (both cameras indoor looking at front entrance and cameras outdoors, looking at people enter)
  • Hallways
  • Lobbies
  • Parking Lots (overview)
  • Lane / license plates
  • Warehouse / Garage (overview)

Those are 6 common places. There are obviously many 'niche' applications - cash registers, teller stations, vaults, etc.

What other places would you suggest we cover in the guide?

Emergency Exit & Starways, Data Center area & IT Rooms

Major building facility rooms/entrances: AC chillers, main electric room, generator room, water pumps room etc..

We frequently see cameras in the data centers where the servers are stored.

For healthcare facilities, backup generator, liquid oxygen, power substation, any critical infastructure.

Covert Installations and the challenges around deploying those systems.

punch clock, elevators, gyms - basketball courts

"punch clock"

Did you see this at ASIS?

FaceStamp from Digital Watchdog

Inner volcano, bottom of the Mariana Trench, lunar surface, Mars rover....

I keed, I keed!

Entrances, usually glass doors, strong WDR, need high PPF counts for indentification

Retail cash register, both POS screen and drawer contents

Dark parking lots, how to illuminate or see large areas in near 0 lux

Walk in freezers, temps at or below 0F

Restaruant kitchens, lots of obstructions, oil vapors, smoke, steam

Small rooms with one camera, hard to get entire room covered

Computer rooms, stairwells, wiring closets where high end networking gear is running?