Mobotix Factory Shut Down For August?

I'm new to Mobotix and need to order some equipment but have been informed that they shut down completely the whole month of August AND apparently build every camera to order???? Does anyone have more experience with them to tell me if thats even true. I'm finding it hard to believe than any manufacturer wouldn't have inventory & furthermore make sure that inventory is available to its channel during long term shut downs like this. Apparently this is an annual shut down so its not like they didn't have time to prepare. If anyone knows where/who may have some stock it would sure be helpful! Thanks

This is a company who has battled against ONVIF, H.264, varifocal lenses, integrated IR, day/night cut filters and a reset button.

Unfortunately, Meghan, that is Mobotix.

Here's the press release announcing about their August vacation.

Now, we might be able to help getting inventory. Any members know of distributors who carry stock? Please share.

Yes you can contact me directly and I will assist with any inventory and or product related questions.

Thanks, Hunter

Get a new distributor of Mobotix. Loyal Mobotix distributors have stock.

And whichever distributor owns the last piece of Mobotix.... wins!

Welcome Meghan to the world of dealing with European vendors. :)

And you thought they were kidding here....

Even though Mobotix has a lot of pitfalls i still love them. Generally the people who actually work for Mobotix are awesome and the founder is a genuine mad professor.

One problem with their products is that they have a huge number of variations which makes it almost impossible for any one distributor to stock them all. When i dealt with them in the past they would generally have inventory available ex germany which could normally depart within 2-3 days of me placing a PO. As far as i knew that 2-3 day delay was caused by customs formalities rather than by Mobotix themselves. With any new product release distributors were normally aware months in advance and could put forward orders in.

On the performance front Mobotix need to upgrade their hardware so they can offer higher frame rates. The last time I looked at Mobotix the frame rates were not great when compared to almost everything else on the market.

With regards to Johns comment about onvif, h.264 compatiblity i dont think mobotix should go down that road. Their own compression which is MxPeg seems to do a great Job. This is a picture that they show alot where a mobotix camera has captured the wings of a bee and you can easily make them out. You can read the whole story here.

Check out this video which is one of my favourites. Make sure you dont miss the part where the camera hits him in the head at about the 37 second mark. The guy in the video has worked at mobotix as long as i can remember. He is a bit of a mad professor as well which when working for mobotix is a great attribute to have.

If Mobotix ever introduced a low end range that could compete with Dahua and Hikvision i would be begging them to let me work there.

Just to confirm i currently work for a competitor of mobotix and my current job involves taking as much business away from them and other manufacturers as I possibly can. :):)

With regards to Johns comment about onvif, h.264 compatiblity i dont think mobotix should go down that road.

Agreed. At this point they should just hop the center divider onto US H.265, or a least develop a "smart" codec, like MxZippyPeg or something.

I think some of you guys are misunderstanding the point about MxPEG... I don't think anyone is suggesting they dump MxPEG. They can keep MxPEG until Kingdom comes for all anyone cares. What people are suggesting is they also adopt H264/ONVIF. Otherwise they risk being left behind while the market moves forward.

Thought I'd pass on an update. Hunter Fort (Mobotix) reached out to me immediately, as did our distributor ADP. Together they are working on my specific problem. It turns out that the factory is NOT completely shut down as I as told, it is running on a skeleton crew for 2 wks while the majority of workers are on vacation. It mostly affects the production line so while they aren't producing anything new during that time, they do have inventory on the shelf, which was calculated in anticipation of the shut down of production lines, and within their distribution channels and will continue shipping product from inventory during the shut down (which is a misnomer because it isn't actually "shut down"). Anyway, they've been great helping me come up with alternative design to accomplish the same end goal with product available in inventory so I'm very happy with the support & response. Thanks for my IPVM friends who offered input as well.

Meghan, great to hear. Thanks Hunter!

...the factory is NOT completely shut down, it is running on a skeleton crew...

Yes, confirmed by "Live" Mobotix webcam...

visual pun score = 4.5/10

I guess that means no IPVMU Pundamentals of Video Surveillance certification for me...

Oh for the love of pete! It's impossible to say ANYTHING these days without some clown calling you out for it :) but thanks for the giggle undisclosed 2!

Good deal! Might also want to put a reminder on your calendar for next year before August to give your distributor a projection to have in stock. Most are glad to do so.