Mobile ALPR Options?

I was having a discussion with someone today about mobile ALPR units.

Does anyone have experience with vehicle-mounted ALPR systems? Particularly if they can alert against a whitelist/blacklist in real time.

Is there a list of the different mobile ALPR solutions providers on IPVM? Would be interesting to see the different capabilities between all the manufacturers available.

I have worked extensively with Inex Zamir for many years for ALPR solutions, I have never used their mobile product, but the software does allow setting up whitelist and blacklist and bolo and so forth.

HQ In Knoxville, and some of the best manufacture support of ALL TIME

You can maybe try reaching out to Platesmart to see if they know who common vendors are for these products. I know they have tested these extensively for police patrol car use.

We will test our embedded Gatekeeper ALPR sensor on mobile applications in the next coming months. Already for many years we do check in real-time against local or cloud based black- / whitelists, including the Dutch National license plate registry (RDW) and stolen / false plate registry (VBV) as long as the moving vehicle has a live Internet connection.

Check-out for reliable ALPR / ANPR solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).


MD PD has more than 100 mobile ALPRs mounted on trooper's cruisers. Automatically check against the "hot list" of State operated plate Database on the fly.