Missing Modifiers In Axis M3046-4

What happened to the bitrate modifiers in the Axis M3046-V? We just got our very first zipstream capable camera and Axis removed several modifiers, including bitrate. What's the point in using zipstream on this camera if it's a pain to figure out how much bandwidth it's using in real time?

What's the point in using zipstream on this camera if it's a pain to figure out how much bandwidth it's using in real time?

Point taken, but if you can cut my bitrate by 70%, I'd be happy with a monthly report.

How am I supposed to optimize the bitrate to achieve the 70%?

Different options and combinations with respect to zipstream and dynamic GOP will yield different results, some better than others. Without real time bitrate I can't find that "sweet spot".

As of now I have it configured similar to what Ethan showed in his test; which, I'm sure is "good". But is there are "better"? I don't know because I can't see it.

I know how to optimize bitrate. I just miss not having the ability to see the bitrate in real time.

The upper left hand corner of all our cameras looks the same, with the bitrate and fps in white text within a semi-transparent upper boarder.

Now, one is different. And I don't like that, because I don't like change.

Looks like a bug. Hopefully they can fix.

VLC can show you realtime bitrate from an RTSP stream. Are you familiar?

I've asked Axis about this. I'll comment when they reply.

Kind of. I've not had much luck with RTSP. None of the Axis RTSP examples listed on the site that IPVM recommended from their write up on VLC worked.

The Axis RTSP URL is rtsp://root:pass@IPADDRESS/axis-media/media.amp

Change root and pass to whatever your actual username and password are and IPADDRESS with the real IP of the camera.

I'll have to look at where we mention those URLs.

Also that is for the main stream. There are ways to access the others, but I don't know them off the top of my head.

Thanks, Ethan.

The URL's I referred to weren't from IPVM. They were from a website known to have many RTSP streams from common camera manufacturers.

I can guess which one. There's a lot of incorrectness there to sift through. We've considered keeping a list ourselves but they can be hard to track down and sometimes change.

BTW I just noticed the missing modifiers is listed as a known issue in firmware release notes. So hopefully it'll be fixed in future versions:

6.15.1:L01 Text modifiers #b #r do not work with text overlay and modifiers #x #y #z #Z #L do not work for upload file/folder names, TCP/HTTP notification text or e-mail subject/message.