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Minimizing Forced Door Alarms On A High Traffic Door

I am dealing with a high number of forced door alarms on a card reader door. The door has the REX in the panic trim and a recessed door contact. Because of the high volume of traffic through the door, persons entering from the unsecured side may grab the exterior trim just before the door latches whereas the system is seeing the contact closed and thinks the door is secured. When the contact is separated when the leaf is pulled open the forced door is generated. Has anyone extended the shunt time on the contact in the software to mitigate this problem? Thank you.

Hello Frank:

I have seen a hinge or pivot door position switch work in this situation. The DPS is moved to the hinge side of the door, and because the leaves of the hinge are nearly flush when closed, the sensor is built to be much more precise. Here is one style: GRISK DPS, but other manufacturers offer a range to match the hinge or pivot type you're dealing with.

In lieu of changing contacts, I believe you can increase the latch time before sending an alarm, or increase the shunt dwell of the sensor, but the specifics depend on which EAC system you're using. In some cases, increasing this period will also extend the 'unlock/unlatch' period of the locking hardware which is not always a good result.

the SMS is CCure 800 soon to be 9000. Tks