Milestone, No More Partners?

It is strange but since beginning of October I have been trying to join the Milestone Solution Partner Program. The web form only leads to an error message "We're sorry, but the request you made can not be completed. Please try again later or contact support.". I have contacted support and I have got replies from them (one was with the confirmation that they were aware of this issue). But it is October 30th and I am still getting this error message.
Do not you think that it is a bit strange when you deal with a company like Milestone? Last time when I have registered a company for their Solution Partner Program it was a piece of cake...

I'll contact them for you.

btw, what is the URL of the form you submitted?

This is a link

Thanks John, I am in contact with them and I am getting replies from their support. It is just strange that it was not solved yet. Cannot understand why it is an issue to fix a web application form or at least, if it is not a general issue, to process request manually.

Their website has had issues for the past several months. There was a website refresh that went poorly. While mostly worked out I am sure there are lingering issues.

So, you will be laughing but I am still there. After some unsuccessful attempts and mails exchange with support I have asked to process my application manually. It was on November, 4th.

Am I so lucky or something wrong in general with Milestone?

We are sorry it was so troublesome this time, our solution partner team has contacted you directly now. Thank you for your interest in working with Milestone.