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Milestone Changes Licensing Of Encoders, Lower Pricing

Looks like Milestone is joining the bandwagon of Avigilon and now also embraces the concept of only needing 1 license per encoder, instead of per camera connected to it.

I know I'm happy. I will have a ton of licenses over seeing as about 70% of my camera's are still analog. It looks like it's going live on the 21st.

Here's some more color from Milestone:

"The new licensing concept will start on May 21, 2014 and applies to all 2014 releases of XProtect video management software.

We are also taking the same approach with multi-channel cameras like the Arecont SurroundVideo you mention. We actually changed this some time back, so that multi-channel cameras only require one camera license to cover all channels."

Which 16 channel encoders support a single IP address? Using them with this licensing could make a major price difference against hybrid DVRs as well.

This is a good question, so I reached out to my Milestone contacts for a clarification. It boils down to how many IP addresses an encoder or camera uses.

Those encoders that use a single IP address with several channels will benefit.

Those encoders that assign a unique IP address to each analog channel will NOT benefit.

Analog capture cards like from Hikvision and Stretch are NOT currently included even though they occupy a single IP address. We can only hope they eventually include them.

Stretch/Exar cards are included now.

Very interesting. This ought to allow for some competitive advantages and/or level the playing field against Avigilon to some degree. Thank you for posting this.

Just wanted to post a follow-up question here:

Does anyone know which VMS's currently (as of Jan 2015) only require a single license for a multi-channel encoder?

Tony, I started a new discussion focused on that: What VMSes Only Require A Single License For Multi-Channel Encoders?

Thanks John.