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Manufacturers - Onvif Profile C And G On Display At Plugfest In San Diego CA?

Onvif announced two new profiles in the past few weeks. Their new Profile G which relates to storage and archiving and their new Profile C which is the new Access Control standard for surveillance.

I wanted to find out if there were any manufacturers planning on attending the Onvif Plugfest scheduled for next month in San Diego, CA that will be showing/testing/tuning their new C and G implementations there.

I'm sure there will be posts to discuss the profiles at length but in this discussion I'm just trying to find out if any manufacturers are planning on showing their early implementations of the new profiles and making them ready for collaboration with software makers? Also to get an idea about how many people are even following Onvif announcements.

Nathan, the serious power players are probably going to the PSIA ASIS event ;)

Actually, in all seriousness, the timing of the ONVIF plugfest is strange:

"9TH DEVELOPERS' PLUGFEST / September 23-25, 2013 / San Diego, California"

It's in direct conflict with ASIS?

Ethan, can you ask our ONVIF contacts for any confirmed attendees for the event?