Making A List Of Surveillance Distributors

Like we have a list for manufacturer reps, we are going to do one for surveillance distributors.

We are up to 24 and counting. Feel free to submit more.

When you submit, if you have any experiences with them, good or bad, please share. You can certainly suggest your own company if you are a distributor, just disclose that up front and mention what or where you distribute.

Added. Thanks.

Should you clairfy what you mean by surveillance distributor? Maybe a company that has a developed or established CCTV arm? Otherwise people might say Walmart is a surveillance distributor because ethey sell DLink IP cameras, unless that's what you want.

For purposes of this list, they must sell to authorized dealers at less than market prices, which eliminates Walmart, Amazon, eBay, B&H Photo, Newegg, etc. The goal of this list is not to debate or slight these sellers but to get a comprehensive list of dealer focused distributors.

Scansource is my "go to" distributor: 1. knowledgable staff; 2. inventory availability; and credit department will work with you on big projects.

CSC & Anixter are alternates but the inventory and knowledge base is limited on the front line CS staff.

Patrick, we have a new survey report that covers distributor preferecnes here: Best & Worst Places to Buy Surveillance

I'd like to avoid discussions of the pros and cons of known distributors like ScanSource here, simply because we are already covering it in that report (where ScanSource did quite well).

Do you only want US distributors or do you want other regions?

A number of distributors on the list sell all over the world.

That said, distributors that do not sell at all in the US, e.g. Mayflex, Norbain, are fine to add to the list. I will add those as they come in.

APA in Canada APA - Home

Ingram Micro (IP cameras mostly) - Good experience as long as the portal fulfills your need and do not need to speak to anyone... ever. Their portal is excellent though.

Tech Data - Never used but supposedly similiar to the above.

Austin, thanks.

Btw, TechData must win some award. This is their current physical security website, no joke:


6 Months later it still shows the same picture!

Techdata's website sucks, but we actually get better upfront pricing from tech data than we do with ADI on Axis cameras. We use Techdata for just about everything in our company.

United Digital Technologies - very technical resources.

ISTC - Strong in Latin America

Ingram Micro

Martco About Us page touts them being an 'integrator' that sells direct to end users:

"As a trusted security integrator, we provide customized video surveillance systems for small and medium-sized organizations worldwide."


Norfolk Wire


Wholesale Industrial Electronics

Security Data Supply (Louisiana, Texas, Alabama) WAVE Electronics (mostly A/V but sell some CCTV) Electronic Custom Distributors (mostly A/V but sell some CCTV) Automated Outlet (Texas and Oklahoma) mostly sell automation and A/V, but have CCTV products. High-Tech Communications (New Orleans) Beyond Security (brand new disty, opened in Oct. in McAllen, TX) Alarm Express (Dallas, TX)

I came across this company after visiting one of their customers. They also sell some whitebox hybrid softeware that they put their name on and have done installs for some of their customers.

Brooklyn Supply

Tristate Telecom

Certified Alarm

Christy Industries

All Around Distributors

Canal Alarm

All in the New York area, all reliable and well established.

Hall Telecommunications in Canada

ULKEM (Turkey)

Ilker, thanks.

Related: Who are the big distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Australia (besides the ones mentioned already in the list)?

Here are some general component suppliers / distributors I have had used with good success. Security components are just part of their product lines.


Crescent Electric -

Joel, thanks. For now, I am not going to add them as they seem to be too general of a distributor for the focus of this list.

No problem. Yes they are pretty general.

regards & Happy Holidays!

Please add Network Information Technology from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

SIEL , Romania

I work there.

Din curiozitate, cat din stocul d-voastra e de origine chineza si cat e western brand original , ca de examplu Axis , Arecont sau Bosch.

I was just wondering that myself...

Well, i would guess more than 80% is western brand (Bosch, Arecont, UTC ). But that is less and less of a value for us, in the last few years.


Salut Vlad! Am fost în România, anul trecut în vacan??. ?ar? frumoas? în special în Mun?ii Carpa?i ?i Delta Dun?rii. Sper s? se întoarc? într-o zi.


Hi Joel, thanks for the kind words. It is a beautiful country (i think most are). Try Sighisoara next time, very nice inhabited Medieval City

Australian Disties:


Central Security Distribution

BGW Technologies

National Australian CCTV, IP Video & Security Distributor

I head up the Qld office.

Y3K Security Technologies Inc.

Based on Istanbul, Turkey

Distributor of:

  • Avigilon
  • AG Neovo
  • Computar
  • Exacq
  • Tamron
  • Videotec

Hutton - They focus on wireless communications, but do some security.

Alarm Products Distributors, or 'APD'
St. Paul, MN
(800) 783-1552

Electronics Supply Co., Inc.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 931-0250

SHIELDS Electronics Supply, Inc.
4 locations in Tennessee
(865) 588-2421

Electronic Parts Specialists
2 locations in Michigan
(800) 444-4377

Frigid North Electronics, Inc.
Anchorage, AK
(907) 561-4633

Cassidy Technologies
Minneapolis, MN
(800) 464-9473

Alarm Products Distributors South, 'APD South'
Pelham, AL
(205) 664-4131

A1 Security Supply
2 locations in Florida
(888) 886-5006

Chris Supply Co.
2 locations in South Dakota & Wyoming
SD: (605) 342-5900
WY: (307) 682-5900