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Make A Dummy Camera Out Of Paper

I came across a dummy camera template being passed around on Twitter yesterday. It looks like this:

It was created by a designer at the site where they make templates for all kinds of neat things and give them out for free. It's kind of hard to find the link to actually download the template so I've included a link here. The pdf is password protected and the password is:

If anyone actually makes one, please take a picture of it and post it on this thread. It's pretty easy to figure out, but i you need them, additional assembly instructions can be found here.


*take a picture of it WITH A REAL CAMERA and post it on this thread.

Could also be a good project for Arts and Crafts Day at Greater Heights Academy.

Can I weatherize it by using wax paper, or is that cheating?

They tried to make an HDcctv version of this, but they couldn't get the safety scissors to cut properly...

Avigilon tried to make a version of this, but their engineers keep accidentally making beautiful and elegent paper swans...

Avigilon then decided bigger paper swans were far better for the average paper swan user.

"The more swan, the better" became the official slogan and the

AvigiSwan 29' "MegaSwan" was born

Samsung's paper cameras work just as well and cost half as much, and are easier to assemble, but John made fun of them for not knowing the exact chemical composition of the paper, and they ran away crying...

I'm okay with this, but Dunder Mifflin better respect the channel and not sell reams of paper direct to end users. Not like those jerks from

Latest trunkslammer poll indicates Office Depot favored over Home Depot.

Ari Erenthal, everybody. He'll be here all week. Tip your servers.

I found an analog version:

Sure these look good on paper but in the real world...

For once the warranty is worth the paper its printed on.

This company needs to make a move into smoke detectors pronto, sure you might "think its fake" but what arsonist is gonna take the chance?

The paper camera is almost as great a deterrent to shoplifting as the paper cop:

Guardin what's important, the hootch! (In the good ol' US of A, our cutout would be reachin' for his Colt)

Ok, y'all, that gave me an idea! How 'bout makin one them pop-up books with a foldout for cameras from each manufacturer, to scale? From ACTi to Toshiba? Does a 2014 IPVM Camera pop-up tickle your fancy, J.H.?

Prospects would love 'em. Or maybe a history of cctv book, "in the begininng there was the Wire..."

In th Begining, there was Ikegami. And they made the C mount, and it was good. And it was evening, and it was morning.

And on the second day, Kalatel introduced the time lapse VCR, and they saw, and it was good. And it was evening, and it was morning.

And on the third day, Pelco made the multiplexer, and they switched the video signal, and it was good.

Don't tell me you are one of those Darwinist's who believe that somehow that this prehistoric relic


randomly 'evolved' to this highly specialized reset buttonless wonder!

I think I see a shootout coming......


Okay, this thread has had me chuckling, but Scott's picture just cracked me up completely.

That POS has a high f-number for sure.

I can't believe I scanned this whole thread...shaking my head.

Personally, I think the idea of a paper camera fooling anyone (the real reason people would be inclined to use 'real' fake cameras) is absurd.

But the comment section was one of the funniest ever! I'm pissed that I was working all day and missed it.

Stupid work. :(