LTS Ivms4200 Mac & PC Questions

Hi All,

So we have been using LTS 3.1MP Turret cameras with their 16CH NVR Platinum with POE series for over 2 years now and have had total success, we use the WD Purple HDD.

We use the iVMS4200 MAC version and the PC version depending on what the client wants to view the cameras with.

Now the iVMS4200 for MAC comes with the Storage Server Management and the Stream Media server management already built into the Control Panel, unlike the PC Version which are separate services.

iVMS4200 MAC

iVMS4200 MACNow we have tried with LTS Support to get the Stream Media Server Management to work but LTS support have not succeeded yet.

My idea was that i can use the Stream Media Server Management to grab the RTSP stream from the camera and embed it into our website. Now the RTSP stream needs to be RTMP to work on the player on the website. But unsuccessful. We used other third party softwares like wowza, nGinx, Apache etc and it worked. But its too many softwares working and I'm worried about if one software stops the streaming feed goes down.

Has anyone been successful with any of the iVMS 4200 MAC/PC or the iVMS 7000 PC or even the new Hikvision trial iVMS5200 for streaming RTSP-RTMP ?

Any advice is welcomed.


I'm confused, are you saying that you have used SMS for the PC successfully and are having problems with the MAC version, or that you have never used it on either but would like to make it work?

Why do you think Hikvision will stream RTMP? I'm not seeing that.

I've used the VMS4200 on both MAC and PC for clients to view their cameras locally or remotely and its has worked great.

I want to use the RTSP port on the remote camera to stream to our server with the (ivms4200 ServerManagement software, and see what formats it can send out to allow it to be embedded into the customers site. But LTS can't help.

we have to use wowza and apace to do this and its not ideal as theres too many 3rd party softwares involved.

Just want to know if anyone has been successful in this or is the iVMS not capable?

John do you have any input?

A PC that running Stream Media Server software is a stream media server. Stream media server receive video stream and then transmit it to other clients. By doing so, a lot more clients can preview the video via iVMS-4200. - Manual

Thanks, i guess it all depends on the specs of the machine running the media stream server.

and the upload/download connection.