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Low Cost VMS/NVR (360 Cam, Mobile App, ONVIF)

Hi. I'm looking for a cost effective solution that can handle ALL of these features:

  • 360 cameras (Like axis M3007) with de wrapping
  • Must have apps for iOS and Android
  • Support for ONVIF cameras

I`ve been looking at:

  • Dahua NVR, but there is no 360 cam support
  • HD Witness - Don't support 360 cam de wrapping
  • OnSSI Ocularis - To expensive when I add an extra server for mobile access and no apps for iPhone og Android yet

Check latest version of HD Witness. It does support dewarping.

Exacq meets all of those requirements.

Hi Fredrik,

We just released our V2.0 today, and, as Alex alludes, it meets all your above specifications. You can download it and try 4 licenses free for thirty days.



Nathan, I am not able to find your app for HD Witness 2.0 in the App Store. Can you help me find it? Otherwise, your product is not able to meet his needs, not yet anyways.

if axis M3007 have an onboard dewarping , you still need the NVR support ?

why can't you use dahua ,and just set the camera to stream the view you want to see ?

Yes, though it does not need to implement client side dewarping, the VMS still needs to support the streaming modes of the M3007. Make sure your preferred VMS has validated integration with the M3007.

We have not tested nor used Dahua panoramics so I cannot comment. What panoramic offerings do they have?

I actually tried to connect the M3007 to the Q-See NVR we have in house yesterday. It only views the overview stream. I tried changing streams any way I knew how, but still nothing but the overview. The camera's stream numbers are fixed, so stream 1 is overview, 2 is panorama, 3 is dual panorama, etc. You can't reassign them in any way.

interesting. can you view the different streams (panorama ) with Axis ACC ?

Hi Jon,

iTunes takes 3 to 10 days to release updates. Unfortunately we didn't get iOS to them until Monday night so we are still waiting for them to clear it. Hopefully it clears their screeners by tomorrow. If it is urgent we can get you a copy via our developer portal but we'll need some info from your device hardware if so.


I have tested M3007 with Dahua NVRs and I get the overview, but I`m not able to get any of the 7 other streams to work.

I would prefer a solution where I get full control and dewrapping inside the NVR/VMS

Dahua have no panoramic support for now.