Lorex System Takeover To Exacq

I am trying to takeover a large Lorex system in several locations. 1 camera was a Hikvsion and I found it's IP address using the Hikvision SADP and added it to Exacq no problem. The next camera was a bullet style and I can't find its' IP address or find any tool that will help me find it. Any idea if this is possible?


Did you try the Dahua Config tool?

Bingo! The Dahua tool found it. Exacq picked it right up. Thank you both.

Do a network scan using an IP scanner in your sub domain / LAN

Use a tool like ipscanner pro in the same ip range as the Hikvision you found

In the future, you could use Fing to find the camera IP, and if needed, to find which ports are open and responding with services. Usually, knowing which ports are in use will give you a leg up on finding the manufacturer. Also, you can check and see if the MAC address is associated with a camera manufacturer. Sometimes it is only registered to the NIC manufacturer.