Looking To Hire An Expert Security Engineer In Saudi Arabia


I am not sure if it is proper to start such a discussion here, but i guess we have in here the biggest number of security experts worldwide.

I am looking to hire a full time Security Engineer / Consultant for large scale security systems including CCTV, PIDS, IDAS, Video Management systems, Analytics & Access Control.

we are working on iconic projects such as the 1km Tower, a 10000 hotel room development, a $10B Airport, VVIP Palaces etc...

Responsibilities: Perform as a content expert on turnkey design build integrated security systems.

The candidate will report to the Head of Security Department (myself) with the technical aspects of project estimating, scope validation, component configuring, Design Compliance, Design calculation, Storage Calculations, etc...

The candidate will provide Field Technical support on system operations and installations, software configurations & Network integration.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Provide and develop technical solutions for security systems integration.

-Design, modify and review drawings.

-Develop processes to achieve overall objectives by implementing the technical aspects of small scale to Enterprise level solutions.

-Support the installation teams in installing and upgrading CCTV & Access Control systems, hardware, software and network.

-Assist technically and logistically in complicated large scale deployments, configuration and installation.

-Direct high level coordination with end users, general contractors, electrical contractors, consultants, A&E’s and other systems integrators.

Configuration and Spec validation for all components to integrated security systems.

Requirements: 15+ years of experience with integrated security systems from small scale to Enterprise level.

Must be able to demonstrate excellent comprehension of security systems hardware, software, configuration and design.

Extensive experience in configuring, installing and upgrading CCTV, ACS and Intrusion Detection systems.

Manufacturer certification from well-known manufacturer of Security products will be an added advantage.

Experienced in direct customer interface and interaction with proven ability to articulate issues and resolutions.

The candidate should also be an expert in:

o Passive IT Infrastructure

  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Wireless
  • QS Measuring Tools (e.g. Fluke or OTDR)

o Active network Component’s (Switches, Router)

  • Network Monitoring Tools

o System Platforms

  • Server and Client Hardware
  • Microsoft OS
  • VM Ware
  • SQL Database

o AV- Systems

  • Videowalls

if anyone is interested please direct message me or contact me on sameriek@hotmail.com.


Samer, are you looking for people only already in Saudi Arabia? If from outside, do you offer relocation assistance?

Hi John,

Candidates can be in or out of Saudi.

The overall package and remuneration is flexible and can be discussed on a case by case depending on the relevant experience of the candidate.

And what is the range of compensation for this position?

If you want to get really highly qualified candidates to relocate, it's going to have to be a premium since most people with those credentials can easily get $100 - $150k where they are right now.

In Saudi Arabia, salaries are tax free. This means the candidate will have an extra 40% of his salary in his pocket, compared to someone working in Canada or the US.

Nevertheless, it definetly should be worth it for the candiate to relocate and it will be dealt with on a case by case depending on the candidate.

Samer, I believe US citizens still need to pay income tax on income earned in other countries. Do you disagree?

If you want to hire an 'expert security engineer' and want to use IPVM as a means to help do this, than I want you to make a clear case.

Hi John, For the US, as far as i am aware, the taxable portion for US expats is the amount above 100k at 18%. So the first 100k should be tax free. It would be better to get the confirmation from a tax lawyer as there is many ways to do this. For canadians, it is confirmed that as non-residents, no tax is to be paid.

...most people with those credentials can easily get $100 - $150k where they are right now.

That seems a little high compared to the Integrator Salary Results 2014

So what do the top engineers and best installers make? About $75,000 per year according to their feedback.

The word 'top' is wrong there and I have removed it. By definition, that is average, not top.

And what Samer is looking for is very high end -> 15+ years experience, enterprise projects, etc.

Curious, how high-end is it?

Do you think the top 10%, 5%, 1% of security integrators are qualified for Samer's opening?