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Looking For Panic Button System Compatible With Cisco

The Panic Button maket is an area I am not familiar with. My client is investing in a 27 IP camera system running on Milestone and also wants an 8 button panic system over 2 locations approx. 1 mile apart.

They are using a CISCO Unified Connection Manager System (version as their telco operating system.

Your advise is appreciated

If you can, define some details about the panic buttons.

  • Are they to be hung at fixed locations, or are they mobile/wearable?
  • Do they also want the button to trigger camera recording, or do they just call for help (via the unified communication platform)?
  • Is any two-way communication needed?

Starting here can help narrow the scope down a little.

Thanks Brian....Sorry I couldn't get back sooner.

Basic enough...

"No" on the camera trigger.

Fixed locations have been requested but I think it prudent that the solution has mobile capability too.

"No" on 2-way communication.

Client is a non-profit shelter for women and their children who for many reasons now need assistance in getting their lives back together.

I failed to mention in my last post that 2 doors require access control not necessarily tied into surveillance though obviously a camera will be at both locations.

Thank you again. Hit me with further questions if needed.


Singlewire sells a software module plugin for the Cisco UCM 9.1 that includes 'panic notification'.

You can buy interface buttons, use Cisco deskphones, a PC based app, or a smartphone-based app for control buttons.

You might start there, as they've already apparently written a tight integration for it.

I've reached out to Cisco about the state of their access control offerings, and they've told us a relaunch is coming but declined further comment.

However, if you are considering other VMS platforms, the options for integrated access grow a bit. Have you decided on the VMS yet?

Hi Brian, I never noticed your reply. My apologies and thank you. Milestone VMS, to answer your last question.


Hey Richard:

I spoke with Cisco last week, and they reaffirmed their commitment the current physical access line, which integrates with the Unified Connection Manager System.

You conceivably can use a Cisco gateway then to host a button and tie that input as a panic alarm into the UCMS, but I might take a look at the Singlewire solution first. It's a software based integration that is a bit more flexible (no hardwired I/O, and it's mobile ).

Thanks Brian. I like the Singlewire approach too.

Brian, we are going to Genetec Security Center with Omnicast, Synergis, and Cipelia. Any recommendations for panic/duress buttons? We to have Cisco IP phones. I would love to see a full coverage article on panic/duress systems.


I know that Preferred Technologies in Houston, TX has done custom integrations with VOIP systems with Genetec and may be able to provide help / guidance.

An option for you would be to use a Mobotix camera for example with an additional input (button) that would initiate a VOIP/SIP call from the camera into the Cisco call manager system.


I believe Milestone supports an Adams 6060 module that would give you the inputs you require for the panic button.

ADAM-6060 - 6-ch Digital Input and 6-ch Relay Modbus TCP Module - Advantech