Looking For Information On The Infinias Line Of Access Control

We have been use the ICT Protege line of access control products for recent installs (mostly smaller max 40 door installs).

Someone showed me the Infinias line. Does anyone have any experience or how it stacks up to the Protege line?


Hello David: See this for background on Infinias: Pelco's Abandoned Access Control Line (Infinias)

From the write up and from their website, it sounds very good. The question is why is it not more out there compared to to other brands that have less capabilities.

David are you using GX or WX?

ICT has integrated access control, alarm and building automation. WX is web based and GX is server based. Infinias is POE to the door and access control only.

Infinias was purchased by 3xlogic this year: https://www.3xlogic.com/blogs/create-blog-entry-17

We have been mainly installing the WX's with only a few GX's (for most of our customers, it is an overkill).

Our biggest problem is that a lot of times we are competing against those who are just using cheap products (rosslare, paxton). And it is hard to sell a better product even though it costs more.

While we have used the access control and the alarm capabilities of Protege, we have not used the building automation aspect of it. Do you have any experience doing that? Does it integrate nice (for dimming lights, etc...)?

I guess a company being sold is not usually a good sign.



I don't know anything about the ICT Protege line but do you have specific questions about infinias or strictly how it stacks up against ICT? We use the product on many access control jobs and may be able to answer some questions.

I use this product a lot. Very good, very easy, and if you work well with electrical (rough-ins and pathways), your bids will come in under traditional panel style bids all day long. As far as installation/setup goes, it is probably the easiest I have ever worked with.


* Easy/cheaper to install

* Easy to teach/use for customers

* No annual costs/free software upgrades. (this can be viewed as good or bad, but it's an easy sell for customers)

* Fits the "Network Physical Security" theme

* There's really no other product like it....and I've looked. (You could say Isonas, but there are trade-offs there too)


* When bidding 2-4 doors, other systems are typically less expensive because of the server design infinias uses. When using single door installs, the controller firmware is not user friendly

* Reports can be somewhat cumbersome

* While I find it the easiest system to teach customers, tweaking doors or the like is more involved (hidden). It can certainly be done, but it's not a traditional menu item like many systems out there. That's both good and bad in my opinion

* The single largest concern that an integrator should have is that this is a distribution product. Anyone can sell the base system which accounts for 95% of installations. Know this, weigh your options, and realize that once you start being successful with it, other integrators can/will easily pick it up so it's important to understand and have a plan for it.