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Looking For Information On Optical Fibre Specifications

I want to know the specifications for OFC for large critical video surveillance projects like City Surveillance.

I will highly appreciate if both armoured and non armoured options are covered.

Hello Undisclosed:

Are you looking for boilerplate spec for fiber, or background explaination on the technology?

For the latter, we have these updates that are a good start:

Usually armoring is a specification of the jacket, but functionally the fiber works the same.

You may be able to identify the cabling type needed, choose a couple brands, and utilize their spec sheets. It may be possible to even call the chosen manufacturer(s) and ask them to draft up the spec... though be aware it will be directed as much as possible towards only their product.

Corning makes the vast majority of glass in the industry (there are many, many OEMs). You could start there and use the Fiber Optic Association to gather information on what fiber is needed or that fits your desires. Since you're talking city wide you're likely looking for single mode.