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Number Of Video Cameras Sold + Hikvision Manufactured Number

Would appreciate any statistics on the volume of video cameras for the commercial market. This data would help resolve the impact that the race to the bottom is having on growth of the market by revenue.

IHS claims 98 million cameras will be sold globally in 2017 (citation here).

Hikvision claims they produce over 260,000 cameras a day (in this video). Given 365 days a year, that would be 95 million cameras. We asked Hikvision for confirmation on this claim but no response was ever provided.

How many actually are produced? I wouldn't even try guessing as independently verifying this is extremely hard. You'd still then need to try to segment out by region and, in particular, China vs the rest of the world.

Allan, if you knew this number with certainly how would that impact your analysis? I am genuinely curious.

Hikvision responded:

In 2016 Hikvision manufactured more than 55M cameras, while in 2017 H1 the company produced in excess of 30M camera units. We expect to have a further increase in production in the second half of this year. As a reference, the company’s daily production capacity is around 260,000 camera units.

So contrary to the video, the 260,000 number is not 'production' but capacity (ability). For 2016, that worked out to be ~151,000 cameras per day manufactured.