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Looking For Information On Sony Sensors IMX307 Vs IMX291?

Dear All,

i'd like to know your impression about a new IMX307 vs IMX291, if is possible.

Yeah, it looks must be some fresh campaing replacing IMX291 into IMX307.. Are you also getting messages like "better than 291" ? Hmm... for while I guessed what is "tarlight" till I guessed somewone want to wrote "Starlight...", see bellow picture.  :-))

After studied Sony's spec I have to guess that IMX307 is just "optimized", cost effective IMX291, picture quality in most our applications must be completely same. Only applications where was used higher frame rate (we personaly have such just one for 60fps) will not be possible cause IMX307 define readout rate max. 60fps but IMX291 120fps. If you see other difference seriously interested to be explained here, thx.

Where to start to compare:

Sony CMOS Image Sensors

And which picture I mean: