Looking For Information On Discreet Wireless Cameras Manufacturers

Hello everyone

Im looking for reliable brand for covert/discreet wireless cameras. Ill appreciate any information about tested and reliable products out there.

A client specifically asked for this as against the regular cameras. How reliable are these wireless cameras anyway?

I would be happy to add my thoughts. Just a question or three to clarify;

When you say "Wireless" do you mean Wifi or 2.4ghz digital transmitter to a receiver? or are you asking about (cordless) battery operated or some combination?

What is the use case?

Is there any requirement that the cameras connect to a particular VMS?

Feel free to reply here or email me diectly if you prefer todd@brickhousesecurity.com


Iffy on how helpful this comment will be - but the Blackhawk Imaging (formerly Scallop Imaging - acquired by Vision Technologies) cameras (180 degrees, etc..) had a very pleasant, unique look to them-- not like a camera at all really. I had them in our lunch area as we were running tests.. I asked several employees (for kicks- not for a formal survey) if they could pick out the camera. None of them could.

Great look, great coverage and images. Might be worth a look. I'm sure John has written some more about them on IPVM that can provide more info. Cheers.

You said wireless, so I assume you mean IP based cameras, as opposed to stand alone/edge recording cams. Do you know how you will power these cams? Have you told your client that WiFi based cameras are less reliable and easy to disrupt? I could theoretically disable your cameras from a distance by blasting your building with interfering signals, blocking out your WiFi.