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Looking For Information On Checkvideo

Cloud-based analytics / storage company. I assume these are some rebranded Chinese cams but not sure. Anyone out here ever looked at them?


Tom S.

Checkvideo used to be Cernium and was acquired by US managed services provider Kastle a few years back.

Kastle / Cernium CheckVideo Acquisition and Testing Archerfish Solo Smart Camera / DVR / VSaas (Cernium) (Archerfish was the brand name before Checkvideo).

We have not kept up with them in the past few years so I could not guess how good or bad it has become.

From their about page:

That is one event every 106 minutes on average.

Either CheckVideo has managed to corner the market on the absolute worst environments that are under constant attack, or they might be a little bit trigger happy with their analytics.


Please do an updated review of Kastle and checkvideo. They are the basis of Capital Shield and until recently we were subscribers. Having dropped our contract with Kastle we lost our accesss to the 20 capital shield cameras on our campus which are still connected to our network. I can only assume that MPD still has their access to these cameras.