Looking For Info On This Camera: ISD Model Ydv-Fl4-3mp

We just inherited eight of these ydv-fl4-3mp cameras "made" by ISD (see the cut sheet here ydv-fl4-3mp ). Looks like they are re-branded from someone else, but then looking on ISD's website it looks like they may actually make them? So these seem to be pretty nice, but not going to do me much good with my OnGuard system. So wondering if anyone has info on what the actually make/model might be. If it is not one of those ISD Badger Series

Hi Ross,

They are indeed ISD cameras, and definitely not rebranded. :) Designed from the ground up out here in California.

It's a "Badger" series of camera and they should work with your OnGuard system? They're ONVIF Profile S compatible.

The ISD model number is YDV_FL4-3MP cameras.



Thanks Ian! We will do some bench testing and try to get them into our system.