Looking For I/O To Ethernet CGI Device

I am looking for a device that will do the following. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance.

I/O input. This will come from a push/toggle button, like a panic button or something. It could go through a relay to latch for x seconds if needed.

The I/O goes into a black box that has Ethernet and sends out a user configurable CGI command. Essentially, I want to be able to turn a setting on or off in a camera, NVR, etc.

Maybe get a little crazy, and have the button latch, and the device sends the command every x seconds. Or when the state changes back, send a different command to turn the setting off.

Or have 2 buttons/ I/O or a double throw switch going to 2 I/O on the device, each one with a different CGI command.

Rasberry Pi - or Arduino can do this in a snap.

I thought someone would answer that. Can you provide a little more info? I have not played with one yet.

Do they have alarm I/O, or is that a separate accessory module? What software do I use to create the linkage between the input and CGI command out? Do I need to know how to program, or is it pretty easy.


I'd create an account on Elance, now www.upwork.com and search for freelance Pi, Arduino developer. Both devices have Open collector inputs that simply need to be connected to ground to trigger an input. Both devices have Ethernet Interfaces.

If you can send the commands from your PC to the devices to trigger your actions, then you've done the hard work. Creating the interface to create and modify your commands will take the longest.

Or you simply have the developer place the commands in a data section and reload / recompile the program.

I'd bet dollars to Donuts the Local High school has a robotics nerd that would happily take $100 to make that happen if you can demonstrate the commands that need to be send on a input contact.

"Both devices have Open collector inputs"
You probably meant to say outputs

Corrected - The PIO pins are declared in or out, and with or without a pull up/down resistor.

I forgot about ControlByAnything. It has a capable script language. Their tech support is really good to... I believe you can hire them to craft your scripts too.

A few options to check out, I've used products from all of these with success, but not for your specific application (if it were me, I'd do the Rpi, but these might have easier programming options):

Control Anything

Moxa E2210 Series

Control By Web < -- Pretty sure they have what you need.


We use these to trigger output actions from Vigil NVRs (specifically, sending a shutdown signal to a fuel dispenser when the camera watching it loses video) - they have six inputs and six dry contact outputs and capability for a fair bit of internal programming, though I've never used them for anything more then NVR-triggered outputs. This or something else from Advantech might be worth looking at for this purpose.