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Looking For Free Access Control Software.

I am in need of a temporary solution until my primary VMS and integrated access control system is up and running. I have 5 doors that will be on HID edge controlers running to my temp security switch. Any ideas?

You could reflash the firmware on your HID Edges to be the 'Edge SOLO' devices. It will give you a free access platform, but the biggest downside is that all 5 controllers will be unrelated. You'll essentially have 5 different access systems. (Tasks like credential enrollment and schedule changes will need to take place 5 times for the 'entire system' to be updated.)

See our review and test of that free software: Testing HID Edge Solo

Unlike Free VMS Software, there are no 'free access' softwares that are agnostic toward a proprietary controller or interface hardware. Even products like Axis' free Entry Manager only works with the A1001 controller.

Sorry, none that I know of. I do know that the Edge product line was designed to be monitored and controlled by a central station. You should be able to find one that can temporarily host them for you at a very reasonable cost. If I can think of something I will hit you back.