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Looking For A Von Duprin 7011A Card Reader

I have a customer that has five old stand-alone Von Duprin 7011A mag stripe readers with keypads. They are all functional except one of them has a problem with the keypad; none of the keys on the left row work. You must use the keypad to get into programming mode, so cards can't be added or deleted on this one door. I've searched for one on the internet, but haven't found one yet.

Do any of you have one of these in your office that you could part with?



I emailed a contact at Allegion to see if they have old stock or a replacement PN for that keypad. The answer: "I don't even show that piece in my archive part catalog. Sorry. Good luck!"

If possible, could you snap a picture of it? It might be offered under multiple part numbers, and seeing it may jog a few gears.

Bill emailed this picture to us:

I've forwarded it on, but if any other members have a source, your help is appreciated.