Looking For A Genetec Certified Partner To "Wear The T-Shirt"

Hi. We are a small integration company in Los Angeles county, in business for over 40 years. We have installed a handful of Genetec Security Center projects -- where we provided and installed the cameras, servers, switches, etc., and a Genetec Certified Partner provided s/w and licenses and configured.

A Genetec regional rep put us together with a local Genetec Certified Partner willing to "wear the t-shirt", and work with us under our umbrella on our client projects. This allows us to offer Genetec Security Center to our clients when it appears to be the best solution. The Certified Partner we have been working with is a great technician and a nice guy, but he has been extremely busy on large projects of his own, and is not usually available anymore. Meanwhile we have some changes and additions from time to time with which we need help, on our existing few GSC systems which we have installed.

So we are looking for a Genetec Certified Partner to assist. You can be located anywhere in the country, as you can do the configuration work remotely. We will pay you a reasonable dealer-to-dealer hourly rate.

If you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, please contact us. Not sure if it is OK to post a phone number here, so I won't do that. So you can just answer here I guess.

Thank you!

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