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Looking For A 56 Volt DC Outdoor Power Supply..

Hoping someone can help with this, I've been going crazy trying to find something that fits the bill.  I've got quite a few sites now with a LCom box, consumer battery backup, and switch configuration.  The battery backups don't last more than a year or so, and the whole assembly is huge.  I've begun replacing them with Edgepoint switches and Tycon outdoor switches on new projects, but I don't get battery backup that way.  I use this PSU currently:  I'd like to use something like the Altronix Reserv system, but I need something in the 56v DC/ 5 amp range and I can't find anything similar in Altronix's line up.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

OK, so after hours of searching I posted this question, then immediately found something that fits the bill. The Duracomm eh-48-5n seems to tick all the boxes, but cost easily twice as much as my current setup, which is not cool.

Have a look at Mean Well power supplies

Edit after viewing your like I see you already have seen them.