Looking For A 2 Way Audio Intercom Solution For A Shop Environment, To Accompany A PTZ Camera

Got a fabrication shop where the owner wants to be able to sit in his office and view activity and if necessary zoom in on a location where he can inspect work and also have a conversation with the worker.

Would be nice is the shop side had a speaker for announcements/paging etc. and worker could communicate hands free. We've installed NVR and are planning to add PTZ camera with VMS client software on his desk computer. Figured audio could be integrated, but two different systems are not a problem. Open to a speakerphone option if that makes sense. Just something easy for him to use and effective.

Thanks in advance.

Disclosure: Louroe guy.

Does your customer want to have a one on one conversation at each workstation or just have a shop-wide announcement when he needs to speak to someone?

If you only need one channel of audio, running it through the PTZ to integrate with the VMS is the most straightforward way to do it. If you need multiple channels a standalone system may make more sense but could be more difficult to integrate with the camera or VMS.

I have used a lot of Louroe over the year and it is very reliable. Paxton makes a nice intercom unit that has SIP included and an ONVIF video camera. The head end is a stand-alone desktop/wall mounted device.

Axis is releasing the C3003-E that looks interesting. I also like the fact that it is POE.

How about worker Bluetooth communication?