Locks Are Not Meant To Actually Protect Anything, Says TSA

Hackers released 3D printer files for TSA approved locks. A TSA spokesperson said:

“The reported ability to create keys for TSA-approved suitcase locks from a digital image does not create a threat to aviation security,” explained Mike England, the TSA spokesman in question. “These consumer products are ‘peace of mind’ devices, not part of TSA’s aviation security regime.”

Wow. Okay. "Use our locks, because if you lock your luggage with any other kind of lock, we'll cut it off. Also, it's not our problem if anyone who wants can just print out a key for it. Basically, we could not care less if the contents of your luggage gets stolen. What are you going to do, not fly? Bwahaha."

How embarrassing!

Here is what they might say in their defense

  • All we care about is whether WE can open your bag whenever we want.
  • WE still can.
  • We don't rely on the locks to keep people from putting stuff IN your bag.
  • Most bags are unlocked anyway so terrorists have no use for the master keys.
  • Most baggage theives take your bag AND your lock anyway.
  • Sorry.

why is it that when i read the quote you posted that i hear it in the voice of chief wiggum?