Who Are Security Manufacturer Representatives?

We now have 80+ rep firms listed but are certainly happy to continue to collect more.

Please submit manufacturer's rep firms you know - include a link to their line card and a note about their territory.


Here's the list so far (if you see a mistake or omission, just add a comment below):

Western US

Mid-West/Central US

North Eastern US / Mid Atlantic

The South


Outside North America


I have a number of contacts to provide but ask how you plan to manage (e.g. Bill went from ABC supply to XYZ...")?

I am looking for firms, not people. Like "The Buddy Boys" serving the Beltway with a line card of Arecont, Exacq, etc.

North America?

Anywhere is fine.

Midlantic Marketing covers PA, NJ, DE. Chesapeake Marketing covers MD, VA, DC. Primary line is Bosch for CCTV, intrusion, fire, and access control.

Midlantic Marketing product lines: http://midches.com/product-lines/midlantic-east/

Chesapeake Marketing product lines: http://midches.com/product-lines/chesapeake-product-lines/

Midlantic/Chesapeake geography coverage: Contact Us

Midlantic/Chesapeake POC: http://midches.com/images/uploads/default/POC_for_MM-CM_2013.pdf

Thanks, Matt. Everyone, let's try to keep it to 1 link per firm.

Ken Massrey Associates - Line Card is on home page - Ken Massrey Associates

Warren Associates - Multiple Line Cards by region - Warren Associates

SeeVid, Inc. - Seevid, Inc.

Bric Marketing - Bric's Line Card

Thanks Carl. This is a template of what I am looking fo.

Here's a few I know of:

New England - Z Marketing

New England - REP REPMS | Security Technology for Todays Marketplace


Great Lakes - TecRep Manufacturers Representatives/">Manufacturers Representatives

Midwest - Ultimate Security Products http://www.ultimatesecurityproducts.net/

Midwest - Multi Tech Reps Multi Tech Reps

Midwest - OCOM OCOM Sales, Inc.

New York Area - Rupper Associates http://www.rupperassociates.com/

Southeast - Focus Sales Under Construction

Florida - Gulf Atlantic Account Suspended

DC - Security Products Marketing Welcome to Security Products Marketing

DC - KLM KLM Marketing

TOLA - First Line Associates Electric utility manufacturer's representative agency serving the Northeast

TOLA - Dollacker & Associates Dollacker & Associates, Inc.

TOLA - Campion Security and Surveillance / Audio Visual - Campion Sales

Central US - IMM Home

PACNOR - Taylor Long - TaylorLong & Associates Inc.

PACNOR - Ben Keith and Associates http://benkeithandassociates.com/

Cali/West - CV Reps Chuck Gorley - Long Realty - Homes For Sale and Real Estate

Cali/West - SeeVid SEEVID, INC. - Home

Cali/West - Fox & Associates Home - Fox & Associates

Cali/West - ISM Rep ISM - Intelligent Systems Marketing, Inc.

Cali/West - Bassett Sales Bassett Sales Corporation/">Bassett Sales Corporation

Carrib/Latin America - International W International W | Business Develpment and Sales for manufacturers of electronic security products and related equipment

Canada - Source AV Source AV

LRG, Inc: Line Card

Pinnacle Marketing: Line Card

The Ascend Group: Line Card

The Centurion Group (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) http://thecenturiongroup.biz/Centurionlinecard.pdf

Resource Technical Marketing http://theresourcecorp.net/marketing/index.php

Datacom Sales and Associates, Inc http://datacomsales.com/Linecards/security.html

Par Products Par Products Line Card


The Centurion Group: http://www.thecenturiongroup.biz

Territory:TX, OK, LA, AR, KS, MO, NE and IA

ISR Reps: ISR | Integrated Solution Resources

Territory: KS, MO, NE and IA

Midwest - Charles & Associates: Charles & Associates

Midwest - Milsk Company: 収納ボックスは使い方次第でお部屋の印象を劇的に変化させられます

Midwest - SR Marketing: http://www.sr-marketing.com/

Midwest - Monfort Electronics Marketing: Monfort Electronics Marketing

Midwest - PMA Marketing: http://www.pmamarketinginc.com/

Midwest - Security Marketing Consultants: Synergy Marketing Consultants

Midwest - Legacy Marketing Inc: Home

Midwest - Secure Marketing Solutions

Graham Smith - Crocket sales www.crockettsales.com www.kbcnetworks.com/ www.nvt.com www.pelco.com www.rayteccctv.com www.sdcsecurity.com


edited and note: please do not copy and paste the whole line card, simply providing a link to it is sufficient.

Bongiorno & Associates NY/NJ/PA www.bna-rep.com nice Irish guys JVC ONSSI Fluidmesh

The Atkins Group http://theatkinsgrp.com/The_Atkins_Group/Home.html Panasonic Commend

Some Canadian ones;

PLG Security Systems INC: Products Page

WestRep Marketing Inc: Product Lines

SVT Solutions Inc: Product Lines

Anacon Solutions: Product Lines

All Midwest:







Access Direct - Canada

Looks like ISR is listed twice in the Midwest?

Good catch! Thanks! Fixed.

Keith Parker & Associates, Inc. - Midwest/ Central. www.keithparkerinc.com


Coaxial Systems Associates (CSA). Florida & Caribbean.

Aiphone, Bosch CCTV, Comnet, Dortronics, Fiber SenSys, Fluidmesh, NVT, Transtector, Winsted

Added. Btw, I edited out the phone numbers and personal information. The link should allow anyone to find those details.


DataStrait (North Central US) - Line Card

Rep Works (North East US) - Line Card

Security Products Marketing (Mid Atlantic US) - Line Card

IP Security Reps (Central US) - Line Card

LINC, Inc (South East US) - Line Card

The Ascend Group (South Central US) - Line Card


Just added another 5 up top. We're almost at 70 now!

Some notes from my files...

Great. Updated and added.

Even though they don't have any lines my part of Ohio. So here is one more

Midwest - New Era Sales: www.newerarep.com


Warren Associates

Western U.S. (California, Hawaii, Northern Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico)

HOME | warrenassociates


Core4 Technologies in the Midwest

Core4 Technologies


Also, Gulf Atlantic should be moved to The South catagory as they are based out of Florida.

Done. Thanks.

Also missing:

Parallel Solutions Midwest

4Media Group Midwest

R2 and Associates The South

InterMountain Marketing The West

Intersect Group The West

TMG Sales Agents Inc. The South

Thanks, added! Now at 75+




ASR covers more of the Mid Atlantic region. They only cover the southern part of New Jersey. Maybe it would be best to differentiate the North East rep firms from the Mid Atlantic based rep firms?

I changed the section header from "Northeastern US" to "Northeastern / Midatlantic US"

There's a lot of reps overlapping those areas so it might be more confusing to split them up.

Premiere Systems - Californa - Panasonic / BCD

Campion Sales - Arecont ( among others) South


Good list and reference.

Here's one more in the Midwest (Flir, Video insight, Paxton, Code Blue, SDC...)

System Solutions Representatives - www.systemsolutionsreps.com

And this one (Panasonic, Exacq, Aiphone, talk-a-phone, Winsted...)

Midwest: Moon com LLC - www.mooncom.tv

Added both.

This list will be published on our home page this Friday (tomorrow). Let me know if you have any other additions.

(A self serving post)

The Atkins Group

Pinnacle Marketing, Inc.


Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Thank you!

Added both. We are now over 80.

F Collier Associates

Covering the Rocky Mountains region - CO, ID, MT, NM, UT,WY

John - Timarron Partners serves Texas, Louisiana, Arknasas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The link to our line card should be corrected to: www.tpireps.com/TPI_Line_Card_9-3-13.pdf


Joe, I changed the link to Timarron's home page. This way visitors can then click through to the current line card regardless of changes in the future.

Security Network Representatives - Southwest - http://www.securitynetworkrep.com/pdf/SNR_line_card_0413.pdf (Middle Atlantic, Comnet, DVTel, Louroe, Keri Systems, Seneca, ioimage, Sentry360, comCables


Langbaum Associates - Northeast


ProLan Solutions Home Page (Florida)

AESales Midwest AESalesMidwest (IL, WI)AESalesMidwest

RL Graham R. L. Graham Associates (KS, MO, IA, NE)


In the Pacific Northwest:

1. GP Marketing (www.gpmkt.com) - a traditional mfg rep firm

2. Foundation Planning Group (www.fpgsells.com) - slightly different business model that focuses on corporate end users.

GP Marketing added. The other one (FPG) is not. In particular, the website is extremely vague and it's not clear they fit in a list of manufacturer reps.

PLEASE learn to link correctly.


A lot of you link like this: http://example.com/product/model/xyx.html

This wastes space, disrupts the flow of the comment and looks ugly.

Instead do: XYZ model. You type in the text ('XYZ Model'), then highlight it and then click the paperclick button at the top right of the editor.

You then get an overlay, type in the URL and click OK, like so:


Have you considered Anixter. http://www.anixter.com/north-america/us/en.html

They are more of a distributor.

Companies like Anixter, ScanSource, Greybar, TechData, Ingram Micro, etc. are distributors, not manufacturer reps.

Key differences between the two groups are:

  • Manufacturer reps do not actually sell products to customers. They are regional agents who advocate and support sales. Indeed, often a manufacturer rep may advise on product selection but the integrator buys through the distributor.
  • Reps are typically regional while distributors are typically national/international.
  • Distributors generally carry a far broader array of product lines than a rep. Manufacturer reps are typically limited to one manufacturer per category (e.g., you'll never see an OnSSI rep also rep Exacq or a Sony rep also rep Arecont Vision). The rep is supposed to be loyal / focused on a single manufacturer per category.