List Of Panoramic Cameras With Integrated IR

Panoramic cameras typically have significant problems with low light.

The combination of high f numbers (f/2.0 or worse is common) and very high resolutions (5MP common) makes this almost inevitable.

From our panoramic shootout, here are samples under 1 lux at just 6 feet away from the camera:

Obviously, pretty bad.

One obvious solution is to integrate IR inside the panoramic camera.

I want to make a list of manufacturers who support this.

Hikvision does, see Hikvision IR Panoramic Camera Tested.

I see Vivotek is coming out with an IR Panoramic (FE8181).

What else is out there?

Manufacturers feel free to add your own integrated IR panoramics with a link to a product page.

GeoVision was the first I saw with product plans for this, I believe at ISC 2013, but I don't think they're shipping yet. There are some models listed on their website, though.

ACTi lists some as upcoming, too.

And DynaColor's Z-8, which I haven't seen any of their OEMs ship yet.

Looks like ACTI is coming out with new multi imager camera ...

Arecont might not be happy about this

Though this one might put the smile back on their face: The me-three entry from Raxko

"Three camera Shared a video cable", sounds like a nursery rhyme...

Hi-sharp claims this tri-put (CVBSx4, SDI, HDMI) 5MP model.  They also 'sell' TVI, so maybe OEM, but I'm not sure whose.  The output should be a dead give-away...