Lenel Onguard Video VMS Max Camera Support 63?

An end user is reporting a problem with Lenel OnGuard Video not supporting more than 63 cameras. Anyone heard anything about this or any other limitations on Lenel OnGuard Video?

That would have to depend on what they call Onguard Video? LNVR, Prism, Skypoint? Standalone, enterprise. Is it client limitation of viewing or is for recorder or overall VMS?

There is no camera limitation with OnGuard. Cameras are licenses per channel. The amount of cameras you can have on one LNVR depends on the machine.

We do not have this issue with OnGuard. However, You need to specify how many licenses you want to build towards or purchase at the get go. I think they came in 32, 64, 128 or unlimited. Don't quote me on that, but that is what I recall. Sounds to me like their system is capped at 64.

I used to be the Lenel Video Product Manager, so I have some insight into this. This was an OLD limitation of LNVR back in the day. There was an array that was only 2^6 in size. So you had 0 as an option so the max number of cameras was 63. This was fixed like 6 or 7 years ago if I recall.

I believe I was the one who posed this question.

This actually has not been fixed and on LNVR7 the max recommended per instance of LNVR7 running on a server is 63. It is a limitation recommended by Lenel for LNVR7. This is the digital video addon for OnGuard, it is not Prism or SkyPoint. We have 300 licenses purchased. This is not a hard/restricted limit. Once I get to 63 cameras and add the 64th it does not stop me or give an error. Once I got to ~150 cameras a driver crashed and now we are told we have to completely uninstall and reinstall the LNVR from our server.

We elected to build our own server for the LNVR to live on and house the storage seperatly. This was made explicitly clear to Lenel, "We have one single server that exceeds your turnkey specs (in respect to memory, processing, etc), we would like to use a single server." The 63 camera limit was told to us after install, after the software began to crash with ~90 cameras connected. After spending a few hours with tech support we were told we weren't using the latest "hotfixes" but even after installing those we were told it would not affect the 63 limit. Well we were able to run ~150 cameras before we got a final crash and need to re-install.

Also for reference when we had ~150 cameras connected and continously recording the server usage was %30-%40. One week average was 33%. We were just doing a continous record, not using the software to detect motion or anything else.

We were now made aware the software can handle 97 cameras...I will add those and see what happens.

Following up on this after months of negiotation, the limit is still 63. This is a limit based on Lenel benchmark testing. We were told "at max" we can run 75-80 cameras per instance of LNVR no matter what the server specs are. Either multiple different engineers at Lenel do no know their own product or this is a subpar VSM for enterprise deployment.